Moviera: Registration, help and advice

Moviera offers information, advice and help to everyone affected by domestic violence. Not only to victims, but also to offenders, witnesses or other parties involved.

What is domestic violence?
The following are understood under the term domestic violence: partner abuse, child abuse or abuse of the elderly. Violence may consist of physical, sexual and psychological violence (threats, provocation, stalking, financial exploitation). Offenders are partners, ex-partners, direct family members, other family members or friends of the family. It concerns not only heterosexual relationships, but also homosexual relationships.

It may concern you, but also a child, a family member, a friend, neighbours, a colleague. You are worried, seek information or need immediate refuge.
You may approach Moviera for:

  • information, advice and help (via the telephone) regarding domestic violence;
  • shelter and guidance of women and children who have experienced domestic violence;
  • shelter and guidance of teenage mothers;
  • coordination of health care for women who are victims of human trafficking.

Do you have a question or would you like to talk about domestic violence?
Moviera’s Registration, Help and Advice department can help by listening and by providing information and advice regarding your options. In a meeting the aim is to try to clarify your question or problem so that the correct help can then be given. There are different possibilities:

  • the information and advice you have received are enough for the moment;
  • admission to the women’s shelter appears to be necessary;
  • you get a number of consultations (maximum five) with a member of staff, possibly together with your partner;
  • the member of staff refers you to another establishment for the correct assistance.

Help in emergency situations
If you are in an acute crisis situation and need immediate refuge, Moviera will arrange emergency shelter for women (and their children). Emergency beds are organized by Moviera’s Crisis Shelter department. Assistance is also provided in finding continued shelter care.
Moviera also offers help to the victims of in women trafficking (forced prostitution). The member of staff makes sure that you get the shelter and guidance you need.

Telephone helpline for everyone
You can always telephone for information, help and advice: 088 – 374 47 44  (24 hours a day).

Violence is never acceptable! You can do something about it. Moviera can help.

  • Registration, Help and Advice 088 – 374 47 44
  • Head office 088 – 374 47 44
  • Support Post Domestic Violence  0800 – 2000